Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Recommended Link: Little Lotus Hearts

Little Lotus Hearts

From their website:

"Little Lotus Hearts was founded in 2005 by Dean Willard and his daughter, Emily, to provide services to people who have a deep love and respect for animals. As practitioners of the Tibetan Buddhist faith, both Dean and Emily are firm believers in the Buddhist teaching that all sentient beings are equal, in that they all wish for happiness and the avoidance of suffering. This is where Little Lotus Hearts comes in.

At Little Lotus Hearts we offer people with healthy animals, ways to enrich their lives, people with ailing animals, options to try to improve the quality of their lives and people with deceased animal companions, ways to honor and give back something to the animal companions that gave so much to them.

Little Lotus Hearts' services are available to any animal lover anywhere regardless of religion, race, nationality or background. All that is necessary is love and compassion for animals."