Wednesday, June 11, 2008

4th Grade Student Teaches Adults A Lesson In Compassion

The following was sent in by Miguel's proud Mom!

"This is a true story regarding an animal rescue by my son, Miguel. He is 10 years old, Filipino, and in the 4th Grade. We went to Calaguas Island for our vacation. While there, we witnessed a fisherman capture an almost 3 kls tortoise in his fishing pen. He wanted to sell the tortoise and someone offered to buy him for P100.00. I just looked around and said that it is prohibited to kill turtles, but did not do much to persuade them to stop. My son asked me to give him P120.00. I asked him what will you do with the money. He said, "I will buy it from that man and I will return it to the sea." I was so amazed with my son that without hesitation I gave him the money. He said that the turtle must be sad because maybe it had a family. I was so touched by his gesture and I told myself that I have to do something for my son. I want to let the whole world know how proud me and his daddy are!"