Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Merlin Update

Below is the newest photo of Merlin, who is home, happy, and healthy!

If you remember, Merlin is the cat who needed PU surgery for a blockage. The blockage was so severe that he would have died without the surgery. His human mom, Ingrid, had just adopted him from a rescue a week before he became ill and was unable to pay the very large veterinary bill to save Merlin's life. Homeless Animal Lifeline made arrangements with one of our vets to have the surgery performed and, with help from your donations, Merlin had his surgery and had a good post-operative check-up. He's back to normal and enjoying life!

Thanks to everyone who helped with Merlin's vet bills. His mom, Ingrid, is very grateful, and I'm sure Merlin would say thanks if he could!