Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Updates: Mischief

Dear HAL:

Just wanted to drop you both a line and let you know that Mischief, now named Riddick, is settling in VERY well in his new home!

He's adorable. Just adorable. Even Jordan, my 13-year-old kitty, seems to think so. There was only about an hour of mild growling and hissing (mostly on Jordan's side), and then they just decided to get along. By the 3rd day, they were playing together, and by the end of the week, they were sharing the window seat. Jordan keeps trying to groom Riddick, and he seems to really enjoy having a buddy. They run around the apartment like little maniacs, and are obviously having fun.

I'm so glad that this little fuzzy guy found me.

Here are a few photos, so you can see how well he's adjusting... and how spoiled he already is. :) It's all good.

Be well, and thank you!