Sunday, February 24, 2008

Volunteers Needed For "Safe Placement" Program

In December, 2007, we read about a horrifying case in Aberdeen, NJ concerning Anthony Appolonia who was charged with animal cruelty. He convinced at least 22 cat owners that he would provide a safe environment for their pets after responding to their "free to good home" advertisements. Once he adopted the cats, he allegedly tortured and/or killed them.

Homeless Animal Lifeline is recruiting volunteers to contact people who place "Free To Good Home" ads and warn them of the dangers, as well as work within our "Safe Placement" program, which helps people find safe homes for animals.

Some of our goals are:

1 - to have a volunteer for every Internet list in NJ that allows "Free to Good Home" ads. These volunteers would contact people who place ads and not only warn them of the dangers of "Free To Good Home" ads, but offer to work with them to ensure that the animal is placed into a safe, loving home.

2 - sending a Letter To The Editor and/or place classified ads in NJ newspapers that warns about the dangers of "Free To Good Home" ads.

This volunteer effort costs you nothing and could be done from the comfort of your own home!

We also have a free information pack that is ready to use. The info pack includes a "Finding A Safe Home" tip sheet, a "Free To Good Home Ad" warning sheet, news article, and sample letter, as well as a sample adoption contract.

Interested in helping or want more details? Let us know!