Sunday, December 2, 2007

End Of Year Adoptathon!

Join HAL for our End Of Year Adoptathon at Bridgewater PetSmart on December 22 and 23 between 11AM and 4PM.

HAL has friendly, happy, playful kittens and cats who would love to start 2008 with a bang -- A New Home! If you or someone you know has been thinking about adoption or has room for one (or two...) more, send them our way!

We'll give out holiday goodies and serve yummy snacks while you have the pleasure of spending time with our gorgeous, fabulous, too cute for words adoptable furkids. What better way to spend a weekend?

And .. just for visitors who want the royal treatment, we have a nice selection of bratty, skittish cats and kittens who want homes too, even though they won't admit it. If you have experience with skittish cats who need a quiet, extra patient home, we most certainly have the cat for you!

Also .. our FIV+ Captain Spud is *still* looking for a home. We told him 2008 looked good -- please don't prove us wrong! Picture Garfield as a black and white cat and that is our Spud. He's the gentlest teddy bear you could ever meet. He LOVES other cats and is always up for a snuggle. You could see his photo here (it doesn't do him justice!):
Spud's Petfinder Page.

Not to be forgotten, we also have another FIV+ boy named Fuzzball. He's a distinguished gentlemen, though not as crazy about other cats as Captain Spud is! Fuzz is a talker and a definite "lap cat." You could see his photo here:
Fuzzball's Petfinder Page.

{We don't like to stress out our FIV+ kids by bringing them to adoption days, so please let us know if you are interested in meeting them!}

If you have questions or need further information, please contact us at:

We hope to see you (and a few hundred of your closest friends and relatives) during our adoptathon weekend! Happy Holidays from HAL!

PetSmart of Bridgewater
145 Promenade Blvd.
We will be located at the front of the store as soon as you walk in!

{We are also at Bridgewater PetSmart every Saturday from 11AM to 4PM. If you can't make it for the above weekend, come see us any Saturday! As long as you adopt or foster, we're not picky ... }